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News:Coogame will launch a new game: Siegelord


 Coogame will launch a new game: Siegelord

  Siegelord is a free-to-play fantasy MMORTS. Three factions fight for the continent of Theida. As a player in Siegelord, you will be very entertained with real time combat & city building.

The war between the Kingdom of Albion, the Empire of Gorm, and the Nord`s Alliance has waged for many years and players must choose one the factions. Each faction has its own story and features.

The Kingdom of Albion was a trading empire that possesses many harbor towns and ports. Players of the Kingdom of Albion are able purchase more items in the city`s market.

The Empire of Gorm was the strongest faction in Theiden. The Empire`s strength has decreased considerably in past years. Lords of the Empire of Gorm get a shorter cool-down in the shop to purchase gear and items.

The Nord`s Alliance, a band of savage tribes, seeking to make their way down from the north into regions of the south. Players of Nord Alliance collect more resources than the other factions.