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News:There is 3 Factions of Siegelord

There is 3 Factions of Siegelord! Where will they strike first?
Siegelord is a browser mmorpg,Strategy browser game.
Empire of Gorm
In ancient times, no other people had known such wealth, power, and influence as the
people of Gorm. Blessed with precious mineral resources, the Empire of Gorm quickly
dwarfed their neighbors both economically and militarily. The Empire's sense of superiority
would soon morph into outright aggression, sparking a war that would reshape the
continent forever. Emperior Ocleon would march his troops north in an attempted power
grab that would unite the two unlikely neighbors... the Nords and the Kingdom of Albion.
Humbled by this experience, the Empire of Gorm is slowly preparing for the day when it can
claim the continent in its entirity.
The Kingdom of Albion
The people of Albion are now the most economically advanced in all of the land. Blessed
with natural, deep-water ports the Kingdom of Albion has grown in power and influence
through their knack for commerce. There were always rumblings with their neighbors to
the east but the latest moves by the Empire of Gorm was worrisome to most prominent
merchants of Albion. When the Nords were subsequently attaked, King Arkan saw the perfect opportunity to stifle the progress of a growing rival as well as silence his critics at home. Now, stuck in a stalemate, the Kingdom is divided by those who wish to continue
to conquer for the sake of mercantilism and those who wish to accmplish a lasting peace.
Nords Alliance
The Nords of the north can trace their roots back to the first people of this ancient land. Simple in mind but strong in body, the Nords had never sought much more than what was needed for their sustenance. The war with the Empire of Gorm changed everything. Ashamed by having to rely on its neighbor to the South, the leaders of the Nords Alliance vowed to never be put into a position of desperation and dependence again.The ancient warriors of the North have awoken again; the sound of their war drums can be heard in the distance as preparations are being made. The once simple and peaceful Nordsare now bent on the domination of their neighbors.
Where will they strike first? Let's go to see!